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Old Pearl: Because Every Dog Has Her Day

Spend a couple of minutes scrolling our social feeds and it’s obvious — we love our dogs here at Shannon Ridge. Yes, it is as fun as it looks, being surrounded by so much floof; our four-legged friends provide companionship, laughs, and all-around marketing gold. What’s more, they have played an indispensable role in our ecosystem from day one; the safety of our workers and our livestock depends on these capable cuties.

This post, however, isn’t about our sustainable farming practices, tasting notes, or ratings. It’s about a goofy ol’ gal that has stolen our hearts and become family to us.

Defender by Day

Old Pearl, AKA Pearl Baby, AKA “Poop,” is the official mascot of our working dogs. Sure, Great Pyrenees are known for their tremendous power, which makes them great defenders against bears, coyotes, and other predators. Their thick coats and calm, patient, temperaments make them a perfect match for the varied climate that vineyard life demands. They thrive out in the open land and they’re smart, too; they seem to coordinate amongst themselves with little prompting from us. As our founder, Clay Shannon, puts it, “You just have to talk to them.”

Still, there’s a side of Pearl that you won’t find in a Wikipedia article or adoption brochure. Cue Angie Shannon’s favorite subject. “She’s actually not very playful. She’s super shy and sweet.” Despite being only 5 years old, Old Pearl earned her name because “she acts like she is 75.” She has a lazy streak, and “only moves if she smells a predator. The sheep love her because she is so gentle.”

Shannon Ridge Wines

Rogue by Night

Ironically, Pearl is the runt of the litter — but she’s not all meekness. When she’s not guarding the outhouse or lying around, she can be quite the travel enthusiast. “We have to keep her away from the new pups. If let out from the sheep fencing, she may go 10 miles in pursuit of a predator or someone’s comfortable porch furniture. She makes friends with our neighbors up to 5 miles away.”

Combine these outings with a side of kleptomania, and it’s a wonder she gets away with that white coat. Pretty and petite, “she is a total thief. She steals anything that humans leave around.” Pillows, cushions, boots — you name it — if left out, you’ll find them somewhere in the vineyard, half-chewed.

Legendary Friend, 24/7

Needless to say, we couldn’t think of character more suited for a wine label. One would be hard-pressed to find more nuance, complexity, and just enough earthiness to take in at every turn. Thanks for everything, girl.


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